About Us

The Pennsport String Band has embraced a model of string band that is revolutionary. We are not a year-round string band. While we will meet periodically throughout the year for practices, meetings and performances, we are a three month a year organization (October through New Years) with a sole focus on our New Years Day performance.
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We are financially organized as an “out of pocket” organization. We have no intentions to use the traditional dues systems, fund raising drives or mandatory performance schedule. There will simply be a New Years Day Fee that the members must have paid in full by a specific date. How the members choose to raise the money needed is up to the individual.
We have a timetable for New Years Day materials for the membership. This timetable will address issues ranging from suit measurements to receiving New Years music so the members can begin to practice well in advance of the first general practice. The Pennsport String Band is founded in the ideas of personal responsibility, professionalism, a passion for performance and a respect for the traditional ideals of mummery.

We welcome you to contact us. Find out more about this exciting musical opportunity and experience a mummer’s organization that allows you to have plenty of time for the other important commitments in your life that you do not want to miss.